Website- new and improved!

Lots of changes happening on the site! The Booking page has expanded, with information on what I provide for potential clients at weddings, corporate events, and in my voice studio. There is a contact form at the bottom of each page where you can personally contact me with fee inquiries and any further questions.

The Photos page has been streamlined into separate albums (Live Performances, Photo Shoots, Headshots, etc) to allow for easier and more organized browsing.

A Press page has been created to provide links to articles in the media about upcoming gigs, and anything else in the news directly related to my music.

Finally, I have added an Appreciation page. This is a page for you! If I have performed at an event of yours, or you have seen me perform live, and wish to contribute some words to this page, just drop me an email at, and I will be sure to include them on this page.

Thanks for visiting the new additions to the site and feel free to drop me a line of feedback regarding the changes!

Thanks again!

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