“As impressive as these artists were…  it was singer Mary-Catherine Pazzano who truly stole the show. Whether she was scatting her way through a fast number or slowing things down for a powerfully belted tune, Pazzano had the audience enthralled throughout the entire show. Her performance was probably best summed up in the quiet moments that occasionally appeared between the notes, when the room sat in anticipation of her next line – completely silent and breathless.”

Jon Svec: Reporter, Thornbury Paper

Described as a rising star of the Canadian music scene and as a performer who has her “audience enthralled throughout the entire show”, Mary-Catherine is a singer based in Kitchener, Ontario. Mary-Catherine’s passion has always been singing and performing. She loves exploring the endless repertoire of The Great American Songbook, and making the sublime lyrics her own with a nostalgic, yet modern, flair.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo in 2010 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama (2010), Mary-Catherine embarked on a performance career.

Mary-Catherine’s performance highlights include a tour of New Zealand, headliner at the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival, The Rex, Jazz Bistro, The Registry Theatre, soloist with the K-W Symphony, and multiple concerts at The Jazz Room.

Mary-Catherine is putting the finishing touches on her debut studio album, “You’re Gonna Hear From Me,” and is honoured to have recorded with Pat Collins, Don Buchanan, Jason Hunter, and Steve James. It will be released September, 2017.

“As she sang and told the stories of those timeless melodies, it felt like she was reciting poetry. She created music of a calibre and artistry seldom heard… A remarkable evening of admirable music.”

Meaford Express

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  1. Mary Catherine,
    I’ve done some work editing photos from the Jazz Camp performances. There are quite a few, but I hope I was able to take some nice photos, particularly of the singers. I regret that I only took a few of you and Don, and they aren’t very good ones, but I was concentrating on the participants. A second regret is that I forgot that some of the instrumentalists were students as well. I wish I had focused more on them, even with the music stands blocking the way.

    I can send you a link to the photos in Google Photos, which you could share with the participants. Alternately, I have created a “secret” Facebook group where I can post the pictures as well. I’m not sure what the level of technology is for the participants and which would be easier.

    Finally, I’m glad to facilitate prints of any of the shots if anyone is interested.

    1. Hi Doug!
      Are you able to share the photos via a Google Drive link or Google Photos, and then I can distribute to the participants? Thank you so much for all your effort, with taking them, editing them, and then willing to share them!

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