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From left to right: Mike Grace (bass), Mary-Catherine Pazzano (vocals), John McLelland (piano)

Matao Jazz Trio, from Ontario, Canada, performs a wide variety of jazz using its collectively varied background of experience and expertise to present music at most any entertainment level. Within the combo there ranges deep classical and jazz roots which allows for a wide range of repertoire. Collectively and individually, we have an extensive performance history. We have performed in many locations across Ontario, Canada together, as well as internationally in New Zealand, the United States, Japan, Russia, Great Britain, Europe, and more. Given our love for performance, we are always looking for new avenues and opportunities to perform.

Mary-Catherine Pazzano will thrill you with the purity of her voice as she applies the ultimate in expression to each and every selection of our repertoire. The Great American Songbook becomes the source for her as there are so many rich and wonderful compositions from this, the most fertile music period in American music history. Often, Mary-Catherine chooses to perform a selection with just bass or just piano accompaniment, presenting an even deeper introspection of perhaps a composition that is familiar to all. Mary-Catherine is also a certified teacher, who operates a voice studio and teaches jazz workshops to elementary and high school students.

John McLelland’s facility on the keyboard is readily apparent as he effortlessly accompanies either Mary-Catherine or plays an instrumental duo with Mike, on the bass. John, a retired teacher has a rich history of both performing in many settings and as a consummate music educator. His award-winning high school ensembles won most every award available in the province of Ontario, Canada. Mary-Catherine was indeed one of John’s students and Mike and John have a long history of performance and jazz education.

Mike Grace, bassist, recently moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Ontario, upon retiring from 36 years of teaching university and high school. His jazz combos were winning recipients at most every state, national and global jazz festival and event in which they participated. He feels that this success is a result of his extensive performance background prior to teaching. John was instrumental in introducing Mary-Catherine to Mike and the musical association which resulted has been nothing short of an ultimate rewarding experience.

We hope you enjoy our videos, photos, and other media. Matao’s versatility allows us to showcase multi-instrumental capability, as John’s ability on trumpet and Mike’s ability on woodwinds, as well as acoustic and electric bass. The repertoire of the trio is deep and wide, with no two shows ever the same!

We feel the sky’s the limit and are willing to go the distance! Happy exploring!

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