“Songs for My Mother” IAWM Album Review

The 2018 album “Songs for My Mother” received a favourable review in the IAWM (The International Alliance for Women in Music) Journal!

Review highlight:

“Weaver’s “Lately Sprung” lullaby gently moves through harmonic changes building to each part of life’s journey with excitement and delight. Pazzano embraces the emotion of the song with delicate phrasing and simple expressivity. From her mother’s final thoughts words, while surrounded by family, the last two songs, the last two songs, “Crossing Over” and “To the End,” have soothing melodies and harmonies that move between consonance and dissonance defining the conflict of experiencing life to the end and crossing over. Pazzano performs these emotional songs without being overly sentimental.”

Read the full album review by Kathleen Shimeta here.

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