Upcoming events!

Lots of upcoming events! Mark your calendars!

November 18: Mary-Catherine Quartet, “Jazz at the Movies”, Marsh Street Centre, Clarksburg- with Don Buchanan, Mike Grace, Steve James *7:30pm

November 27: Rhapsody Barrel Bar, Kitchener- with Don Buchanan *11am-3pm

December 8: Cameron Heights Jazz Night (featuring Jazz in the Schools), Rhapsody Barrel Bar, Kitchener *6:30pm

December 9: Jazz Dinner, Saugeen Golf Course, Southampton

December 15: Eastwood Jazz Night (featuring Jazz in the Schools), The Jazz Room, Waterloo

December 30: Mary-Catherine Quintet, “Love and Hope for 2017”, The Jazz Room, Waterloo *8:30-11:30pm

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